Domo the journey also for mobile phones

Domo the journey has now expanded its operations and it is also possible to get it on your mobile phone. The game is available for Symbian, Android and all Apple products. So this might be the new big thing. The small appliances definitely spread the number of potential customers who would play this game every day. This game might be a bit too loud for computers, but for phones that’ll be just perfect. Graphics are ok from what we’ve seen and they seem to be improving even more. This will give it quite a big attraction for mobile phones while it will still make it playable. The development took quite some time, but now it is done. This game might regain its former popularity on computers through mobile devices. This is quite an amazing thing to think about. Changing the markets might be valuable.

This is the short video review of the Ipad version. It comments quite good on it and collects some good points. I definitely think that with some corrections this game could be the next big hit. In general it looks very attractive and playfulness seems quite good.

What do you think about the Ipad and mobile version? Feel free to comment.