Yesterday I’ve talked with Paul, an old friend of mine who used to play Domo a lot. Now grown up, he said that being a Domo geek really disturbed his life when he was young. That was because he spent too many hours playing this damn game without any real added value. Of course in the end you can ask yourself whether all this was worth it. Was it really worth spending the childhood ages playing some irrelevant game?

Well according to him, it was. A hot blonde from the same street was once hitting on him every day. He did not want to meet her simply because he did not find time. He had to finish his Domo campaigns and there was no time for dating. So he had to let her go and just continue grinding on this awesome game. It is weird when he say years later that he does not regret it. But as he says: “I had a great time in my room anyway.”

So the moral of this story is… Domo geeks are real. And they (we) are happy to be that and to be part of this awesome community. We might have no life, but we have Domo. Beat that if you can!!

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