Walkthrough the Domo

When playing Domo, you have to understand two things;

  • It is an old game
  • It is just a game, so don’t take it too seriously.

The game itself was made for ultra slow computers. Those computers no longer exist because the technology has advanced too much in the past few years. New innovations made people buy new computer components. The controls are simple:

Up, down, left and right. Space for jumping and x for shooting. This is at least how I configured it on my computer. Your goal is to move over the map in the closed world and kill the enemies that are coming your way during your time doing that. To this day I am not really sure what those maps represent. It is some kind of ancient prison from which a brave night with guns is escaping. Wait. That makes no sense. Why do they have guns in the ancient times?

Perhaps I should go with different story behind those prisons. They were created by dictator country of Killdomo in order to completely repress his political enemies and stay in control of the country. However a brave knight, pardon militant called Domo manages to escape from his cell and steal some weapons from the guards. With those weapons he is then trying to escape from most secured prison in the world.


Will he make it? Well in this case you play Domo in the first person and you can therefore influence the result. Who would not want Domo to make it and free the country once and for all times? If you would like that, then go fast so you can help that little kid. Au revoir!

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