As I mentioned before, the new Domo game is bringing many new features and things. Helicopters appear to be outstandingly realistic and many people will appreciate that they added them to the game. They make it also more challenging to complete some missions, which brings additional fun to the game. Moreover, their drones look very realistic. Usually you do not fight the drones, they’re just there for surveillance. If you read about surveillance drones, you will see that drones that are included in the game have a striking resemblance to the actual drones that can be bought. This is quite amazing and it shows that creators have done their homework and included many useful features in this awesome game.

Submarines are also used for water missions and they make the game increasingly hard. It is hard to beat them and to throw bombs on them. This is because in water objects tend to behave differently and you never know how the bomb will move under water. This makes it more tricky, but also realistic.

All those features (there are many many more in the game) are making the gaming experience better. With this it’ll get much more attractive to play around with. It seems that this game has a few years more of a lifespan. This means it is kind of an immortal game.

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