The game that was recently updated (in 2016) is getting many new features. It has now the helicopters, submarines and even drones included in the game. So it has a lot of new stuff there and that will certainly make it interesting. This means that this game is still on the plate of the good games. We all know that these days most of the games have outgrown Domo simply because they are bigger, have superior graphics, story and also the whole effort put in them. Of course Domo will never be able to compare with games like GTA IV and similar. They have huge teams that are programming and building these games so the whole budget that is spent on Domo just cannot be compared to GTA IV and similar. But it Domo is still here and it is certainly not that bad.

Domo is more for those that crave some old time gaming experience. It is made in an “ancient” style, so it will suit best to the gamers who are used to gaming the old games. Perhaps it will not get that much attention at younger users. Although there is a phone version of this game which is just coming out. Perhaps this phone version will be the next big hit!

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