Domo the journey also for mobile phones

Domo the journey has now expanded its operations and it is also possible to get it on your mobile phone. The game is available for Symbian, Android and all Apple products. So this might be the new big thing. The small appliances definitely spread the number of potential customers who would play this game every day. This game might be a bit too loud for computers, but for phones that’ll be just perfect. Graphics are ok from what we’ve seen and they seem to be improving even more. This will give it quite a big attraction for mobile phones while it will still make it playable. The development took quite some time, but now it is done. This game might regain its former popularity on computers through mobile devices. This is quite an amazing thing to think about. Changing the markets might be valuable.

This is the short video review of the Ipad version. It comments quite good on it and collects some good points. I definitely think that with some corrections this game could be the next big hit. In general it looks very attractive and playfulness seems quite good.

What do you think about the Ipad and mobile version? Feel free to comment.

Surveillance drones, submarines and helicopters

As I mentioned before, the new Domo game is bringing many new features and things. Helicopters appear to be outstandingly realistic and many people will appreciate that they added them to the game. They make it also more challenging to complete some missions, which brings additional fun to the game. Moreover, their drones look very realistic. Usually you do not fight the drones, they’re just there for surveillance. If you read about surveillance drones, you will see that drones that are included in the game have a striking resemblance to the actual drones that can be bought. This is quite amazing and it shows that creators have done their homework and included many useful features in this awesome game.

Submarines are also used for water missions and they make the game increasingly hard. It is hard to beat them and to throw bombs on them. This is because in water objects tend to behave differently and you never know how the bomb will move under water. This makes it more tricky, but also realistic.

All those features (there are many many more in the game) are making the gaming experience better. With this it’ll get much more attractive to play around with. It seems that this game has a few years more of a lifespan. This means it is kind of an immortal game.

New features of Domo

The game that was recently updated (in 2016) is getting many new features. It has now the helicopters, submarines and even drones included in the game. So it has a lot of new stuff there and that will certainly make it interesting. This means that this game is still on the plate of the good games. We all know that these days most of the games have outgrown Domo simply because they are bigger, have superior graphics, story and also the whole effort put in them. Of course Domo will never be able to compare with games like GTA IV and similar. They have huge teams that are programming and building these games so the whole budget that is spent on Domo just cannot be compared to GTA IV and similar. But it Domo is still here and it is certainly not that bad.

Domo is more for those that crave some old time gaming experience. It is made in an “ancient” style, so it will suit best to the gamers who are used to gaming the old games. Perhaps it will not get that much attention at younger users. Although there is a phone version of this game which is just coming out. Perhaps this phone version will be the next big hit!

Domo geeks

Yesterday I’ve talked with Paul, an old friend of mine who used to play Domo a lot. Now grown up, he said that being a Domo geek really disturbed his life when he was young. That was because he spent too many hours playing this damn game without any real added value. Of course in the end you can ask yourself whether all this was worth it. Was it really worth spending the childhood ages playing some irrelevant game?

Well according to him, it was. A hot blonde from the same street was once hitting on him every day. He did not want to meet her simply because he did not find time. He had to finish his Domo campaigns and there was no time for dating. So he had to let her go and just continue grinding on this awesome game. It is weird when he say years later that he does not regret it. But as he says: “I had a great time in my room anyway.”

So the moral of this story is… Domo geeks are real. And they (we) are happy to be that and to be part of this awesome community. We might have no life, but we have Domo. Beat that if you can!!

About Domo, the old game that still rocks!

Walkthrough the Domo

When playing Domo, you have to understand two things;

  • It is an old game
  • It is just a game, so don’t take it too seriously.

The game itself was made for ultra slow computers. Those computers no longer exist because the technology has advanced too much in the past few years. New innovations made people buy new computer components. The controls are simple:

Up, down, left and right. Space for jumping and x for shooting. This is at least how I configured it on my computer. Your goal is to move over the map in the closed world and kill the enemies that are coming your way during your time doing that. To this day I am not really sure what those maps represent. It is some kind of ancient prison from which a brave night with guns is escaping. Wait. That makes no sense. Why do they have guns in the ancient times?

Perhaps I should go with different story behind those prisons. They were created by dictator country of Killdomo in order to completely repress his political enemies and stay in control of the country. However a brave knight, pardon militant called Domo manages to escape from his cell and steal some weapons from the guards. With those weapons he is then trying to escape from most secured prison in the world.


Will he make it? Well in this case you play Domo in the first person and you can therefore influence the result. Who would not want Domo to make it and free the country once and for all times? If you would like that, then go fast so you can help that little kid. Au revoir!